Day Care at Ms. Carries Day School

Day CareHave you ever wanted the luxury of running your errands all by yourself, a quiet lunch with a friend, or perhaps experience a day of relaxation? If you’re a parent, it’s difficult to find time for yourself knowing that your child’s needs must be a top priority.

If you need more time for yourself or if your work schedule doesn’t allow you to always be there for your child, we at Ms. Carries Day School provide day care services that you can rely on. We provide a positive place to play and learn, as well as help reinforce the skills that your little one has learned at home. Our goal for child care is to collaborate with parents on the concepts and skills that your child learns at home so that we can provide the same care that you would.

We also offer a variety of programs like the before & after school program and summer program to give your child more opportunities for growth and development. Call us today for more information.


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